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Signature Blends

Espresso House Blend

Starting from  $ 14.96

Signature Blends

Forêt-Noire Blend

Starting from  $ 14.96

Signature Blends

Espresso La Crema Blend

Starting from  $ 16.32

Signature Blends

Espresso Nuevo Dark roast

Starting from  $ 14.96

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Harmony Blend – limited edition

Starting from  $ 16.32

Signature Blends

Cosaque Blend

Starting from  $ 17.00

Single Origin Coffee

Kenya AA FAQ

Starting from  $ 15.00

Signature Blends

Des Monts Blend

Starting from  $ 14.96
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Our Forêt-Noire
Coffee Blend

Roasted by hand, this house blend is composed of black coffees from the Americas that are roasted together to achieve a typically French roast. It has a medium body, bright acidity and smoky aromas. Perfect for lovers of strong coffee!

BDM | Mélange Forêt-noire

Respect for our products starts with respect for our producers

Brûlerie des Monts regularly sources beans in micro lots. These skilfully worked coffees of exceptional quality emphasize the art of the bean and respect the working conditions of the small producers who control every step of their production.

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To liberate the sublime flavour of the beans, our master roasters treat each roasting individually

Three degrees of roasting define our different roasts, which we reproduce with constant quality for all our coffees, and this, without ever adding water after cooking. Your coffee will taste sublime with every sip!

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Our new take-out
café-comptoir concept

A convivial coffee bar destination
with great ambience!

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Illustration : Emmanuel Hyronimus, colagene.com