La Brûlerie des Monts:
30 years of passion in Saint-Sauveur

THE Laurentides roasting house!

Located in the heart of the charming town of Saint-Sauveur, Brûlerie des Monts has been captivating its visitors for three decades now. Our reputation is built upon our exceptional, locally roasted coffees, a welcoming atmosphere, and unmatched customer service.

As soon as you step through our front door, all your senses come to life… You will find yourself surrounded by the comforting aromas of freshly roasted coffee.

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Excellence Starts with Honoring Our Producers

At Brûlerie des Monts, our love for coffee goes hand in hand with respecting those who produce it. That’s why we prioritize sourcing microlots. These types of coffees are meticulously crafted and uphold fair working conditions for small-scale producers who have full control over their production. Therefore, we ensure to source from producers who advocate for safe, fair, and environmentally-friendly working conditions.

Product Comes First

We firmly believe that no industrial process can ever replace the art of traditional roasting. Each bean has its essence, and our mission as master roasters is to enhance it. Each roasting is unique, carried out using a technique exclusive to Brûlerie des Monts.

Explore our revolutionary roasting process.

100% Compostable

In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint, our coffee cups, utensils, and to-go accessories are completely compostable or recyclable.

A must in Saint-Sauveur!

Every reason is a good one to treat yourself to a moment of pleasure and relaxation at Brûlerie des Monts! Whether you come alone, with a partner, with family, or with friends, you’ll enjoy our coffee!

You’ll discover a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for sharing secrets… or savoring the best coffee in the Laurentides!

Summer or winter, you will enjoy the warmth of our coffee. Our terrace along Rue Principale and Rue de L’Église will allow you to immerse yourself in the excitement of the village core during the different seasons.

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Illustration : Emmanuel Hyronimus,

Discover Quality and Freshness on Our Menu

Whether you consider yourself a gourmet, a food enthusiast, or simply someone who loves great flavors, our café counter is sure to win you over. Just one look at our menu will make your mouth water. Whether you’re in the mood to unwind or recharge with a cup of exquisite coffee, Brûlerie des Monts is the ultimate destination!

Don’t forget to take a bit of Brûlerie with you as you leave. Choose from our renowned house blends of whole bean coffees or explore our meticulously curated selection of imported coffees, handpicked by our master roaster.

Looking forward to serving you!

– The Brûlerie des Monts Team

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