Micro Lots: Exceptional Coffees

The Evolution of the Coffee Industry

Over the past two decades, the coffee industry evolved a lot. Just by taking a look at Quebec’s market, we soon enough realize that people do not drink or buy their coffee the way they used to 20 years ago. With organic food’s popularity rising alongside traceability concept and fairtrade, we care more and more about what we eat and drink and where it comes from – including our coffee.

Micro Lots: Exceptional Coffees | Brûlerie des Monts

Exceptional Coffees

At this level, Micro Lots meet several market expectations. First of all, they define themselves as exceptional coffees, cultivated in a punctilious and methodical way. Over time, producers refine their cultivation process in order to achieve the desired balance. A bit like the Grands Crus, in the wine world. Given their peculiarities, micro-lots are normally available in very limited quantities, bringing an aspect of rarity and prestige to those who are lucky enough to drink it.

The most important aspect of Micro Lots, in our opinion, is knowing exactly where the coffee comes from. Not only does this make it possible to know exactly what you are drinking, but above all it supports local producers in a more direct way.

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Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Costa Rica COOP La Alianza Red Honey

$ 17.68$ 126.00
$ 15.03$ 107.10
$ 16.32$ 15,735.00
$ 13.87$ 13,374.75

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Aquiares TUPI Miel Noire

$ 16.35$ 157.50
$ 13.90$ 133.88

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Aquiares Ethiopian Heirloom Red Honey Process

$ 21.75$ 198.00
$ 18.49$ 168.30

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Costa Rica Tarrazu LaTia SHB EP Honey Process

$ 12.51$ 112.50
$ 10.63$ 95.63

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Costa Rica RFA Centro Americano Red Honey Process

$ 13.60$ 126.00
$ 11.56$ 107.10
Out of stock

Exceptional Coffee (Micro Lots)

Costa Rica RFA Centro Americano Natural Process

Fairly Traded Coffee (RFA)

Costa Rica Caturra Peaberry RFA

$ 12.00$ 108.00
$ 10.20$ 91.80